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Collection: Beaded leather Collars & Leads - The "Maasai Collection"

Having wonderful memories of my time in Kenya and having named 2 of our Ridgebacks Maasai & Mara, how could we resist supporting the tribes people of this most magical & beautiful country.

The Maasai have for decades beaded necklaces & wristbands to tell a story of the wearer, their social & marital status, age and key events in their life such as children born. Every piece is individually handcrafted using high quality and hard-wearing leather and hand-cast buckles & clasps. Each beaded product takes on average a day to produce. The beads are hand sewn on the first layer of leather, with a second layer of leather glued & sewn to the back for neck softness & durability. The Maasai women are given total free range to express their artistic flair on each and every design, to encourage and safe guard the integrity of their culture. This is the beauty of our product offering and our wish to avoid mass produced identical products. As such slight difference in design is to be expected.
As with all Scott's of London products the quality is second to none.

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